9 Christmas Bullet Journal Collections to Sleigh Christmas With

Bullet Journal December Cover Page

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Bullet journaling is my secret weapon to staying organised. If you don’t know what a Bullet journal is read this post ‘Why you NEED a bullet journal’

I love this time of year, the cicadas start deafening us, its boiling hot, and the storms start coming. I know its not a traditional white Christmas, but those things are what has signalled Christmas for me since I was born. We have a barbeque lunch of chicken, ham, and prawns, and swim in the pool to get away from the heat. Christmas in the tropics is great.

This year you will be prepared for Christmas, with these bullet journal Christmas collections you’ll be all over Christmas like a rash on Santa’s belly. I do have a couple of tips that aren’t really bullet journal related before we get into the collections.

  • If you have kids buy lots of batteries as there’s nothing quite like the disappointment of a child who’s new toy has gone flat. Better yet buy rechargeables.
  • Make your own decorations by wrapping empty boxes with pretty paper and a bow to dot around the house.
  • Lastly cook what you can before the big day and freeze it. You can cook mashed potatoes cover it with aliminium foil and a lid and it will be find I’ve found.

Christmas Budget

This bullet journal Christmas collection is simple but necessary. Without a budget for Christmas I find that we spend way too much. Setting a budget before hand will really help you not have a heart attack when the credit card statement comes in after New Years.

Christmas Bullet Journal Budget

kikki.K Signature Edition

Gift Ideas

To help you stay on budget this year it will be helpful for you to have a collection devoted to listing what gifts you are giving this year, and the price or average price. I am very bad at budgeting so I need a reminder of how much I’ve spent on each person.

Bullet Journal christmas list

Christmas Letters

If you send Christmas letters every year this may help you out. It helps me plan what I’m going to tell people so that I don’t just waffle on.

Christmas Letter Prompts

Christmas Cards

This list helps me remember who I need to send cards to each year. Though if your not into writing out cards I love JibJab and ElfYourself for some really fun cards. If you want to get creative use my blog post “Modern Calligraphy” to start learning calligraphy this year. created this collection with watercolours as I’m trying to improve my watercolour game so you will just have to deal with the childlike colouring sorry!

Bullet journal christmas card list

life and apples planners

Meal Planning

I am a worrier so need to have family meals decided on in advance. This page helps me do this.

Bullet journal meal planning for christmas

Christmas Baking

This is a simple list of your Christmas recipes. I find it useful to remind me of recipes we want to make for Christmas. I have a really bad memory so I add to this list whenever I think of a recipe.

Christmas Bullet Journal Baking collection

Mood Tracker

During holidays it can be stressful for many reasons. Tracking your moods can be an early warning system to avoid breakdowns and keep holidays carefree. If you feel you need help with your mental health over the silly season I found this article by Queensland Health to be helpful.

Christmas Bullet Journal Mood tracker

December Bucket List

This acts as a prompt for us for what we want to do over Christmas and the Summer break here in the southern hemisphere.

Bullet journal christmas bucket list

FILOFAX Pastel Collection

Christmas Memories

Lastly but not least this collection is a place that you can write one thing a day that was lovely over the Christmas period. It can give you some perspective when things are not going well if you can look back and see everything that did go well.

Bullet journal christmas memories

As usual I hope you found something useful to take away from this post. If you would like to read more about organising your house for Christmas have a read of my post “Bullet journal collections to organise your household” .Feel free to comment on here or email me at lee@sweetbujo.com.

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