Bullet Journal Collections to Organise your Household

When it comes to organising and cleaning in our household there is a lot that doesn’t get done. Usually this is just because we don’t think of it. Things like cleaning the solar panels or cobwebbing the eaves of the house are not in our list of things to do. So I have set about trying to change our dis-organisation in the house with the use of my bullet journal.

Where to Start

I think that the place to start is by creating a brain dump page in your bullet journal where you can get all your thoughts out about what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it. For instance I wanted to make it easier to choose meals for the family. Another was to have a collection that tells me when something maintenance or cleaning wise was done. So dump everything on a page and then you can see what you need to do from there.

A few years ago I came across and website called FlyLady. This site is devoted to organising your home through the use of what she calls a control journal and routines for each day. I decided that I would take what I had learned from there and adapt it for my bullet journal, so the first thing I added was a routines collection. I believe that routines make life so much easier and are important to create. Below is my routine page I use it as I guide for what I should be doing at each part of the day. I will go more in-depth with cleaning collections in another post as there is so much that I could discuss with this.

bullet journal routines

A collection that is also very useful is cleaning schedule that tells you what you should be doing and how often. A.novel.plan does this in the image below

Meal Planning

What is meal planning? Simply put, meal planning is the act of sitting down, and deciding what meals you are going to prepare for the next week. Meal planning has always been a problem for me. I usually forget to take food out to defrost in the morning and usually have no real plan for dinner till at least 3 in the afternoon. Not ideal I know, so I’ve made a concerted effort to change this starting with creating a master meal list. This list is a collection of my families favourite meals sorted according to a key. I then use it to do up my weekly meal plan.

bullet journal meal master list
wellness planner journal

Kim from Sublime Reflections does a similar master list and categorises it according to main ingredient. In my next bujo I will be doing it like this.

bullet journal family fav meals

After I created my master meal list I created a master pantry list of staples that I have to have in my pantry to make life easier. I stole this idea from Flylady and I find it very useful. I check my pantry with this list every couple of weeks before I go shopping and add to my shopping list if need be. We don’t include meat in this list because we buy in bulk every six months so its not an issue.

bullet journal master pantry list

The weekly meal plan is a great time, money and food saver. It means i just sit down once a week and plan 7 days of meals and groceries and go to the store with the list. It also means I have one less thing to worry about each day. I can even have the ingredients pre-prepped at some stage during the day so I can just put it all together at dinner time. I am going to re-use this collection by putting small sticky notes in each day of the week for my next weeks plan instead of writing the whole page out again.

bullet journal weekly meal plan

This is an example of how you can do your meal planning over longer periods. Genius!

Home Maintenance

Home maintenance is something you may not think much about but it is something that if checked and done regularly may help avoid a big problem popping up. I have created a collection that is a schedule of regular home maintenance tasks we do over a year. Every month I will check the home maintenance collection and schedule any tasks into the months calendar. So far so good. I also recommend creating a page and listing all the repairmen and your insurers with your policy numbers. That means when something goes wrong your not madly trying to find the right person’s number.

bullet journal home maintenance checklist

Use your Bullet Journal to Make Life Easier

So are you ready and inspired to do some home organisation? One last thing I recommend is using a tracker in your bullet journal to track your new routines and tasks. I find marking things of in my trackers makes me feel good and encourages me to continue my routines.

Do you have any extra special tips to give to organize your household with a bullet journal? Let me know in comments below.

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