Bullet Journal Weekly VS Daily Logs

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Bullet journaling is my secret weapon to staying organised. If you don’t know what a Bullet journal is read this post ‘Why you NEED a bullet journal’

Have you been trying to figure out whether you need weekly or daily logs in your bullet journal? Well hopefully this post will help you make a decision. Both of these logs are useful, the weekly log gives you a great overview of your week ahead and the daily log allows you to record more in detail your day.

Bullet Journal Weekly Log

The weekly bullet journal log is a great part of the bullet journaling system, even though it wasn’t actually part of Ryder Carroll’s orginal bullet journal system. It allows you to see your schedule in more detail than the monthly log by breaking your log down into a shorter timeframe. For some people this may be all they need and may not see the point in a daily log as well. If you don’t write your thoughts or ideas out in a traditional journal style of page, but just list your appointments and track habits then you could safely leave the daily log out of your bujo.

The down side of bullet journal weekly logs is there is less space to write. If your happy with a smaller space for writing everyday, something to list the events of the day and track your habits over the week, bullet journal weekly logs may be for you. A weekly log shows you what is happening in your week over two pages, or what is called a spread. There are so many ways to set these spreads up, its all up to your imagination.

kikki.K Signature Edition

Horizontal Weekly Log

A horizontal weekly log can make it easier to read and write on due to the wider space, and you can still have room to track things as you can see in the below spread.

Bullet Journal Horizontal Weekly Layout
life and apples planners

Vertical Weekly Log

A vertical weekly log is not as wide as a horizontal layout but it can make the spread neater. An observation though, there seems to be less room for additional information like habit trackers and such.

November bullet journal weekly spread

A more creative vertical weekly log that will be great for recording the highlights of your day.

Bullet Journal Vertical Weekly Log
by rachelbujo

Simple but pretty with the additional doodles on it.

Bullet journal weekly log

Bullet Journal Daily Log

If you are the kind of personal that writes thoughts and ideas in their bullet journal a daily log may be for you. A weekly log is traditional 7 days of logging over 2 pages, whereas the daily log is one day over 1 or more pages. The bullet journal daily log gives you more room for tasks, appointments, habit trackers and your thoughts. You can really drill down into your daily life and use tools like time blocking and daily habit trackers.

Bullet Journal Daily Log

Really the daily log can be as simple or as complex as you like. The following bullet journal daily logs should give you ideas of how you might want your daily logs to look like.

Minimal Daily Layout by sosteffso

Bullet Journal Minimal Daily Log

This daily log is very minimal but still pretty with the headings. It’s a good example for beginners to get the hang of bullet journaling without getting caught up in decorating too much.

Goals, Productivity Planner

Time Blocking

Time blocking is another daily log option you may find useful. The basics of it are that you break your daily life down into categories and you block periods of time in your day for these categories. This type of log is best made after you have made a note of circadian rythm, or when you are motivated the most to do things. Then you will know when to schedule different categories of work. Here are a few examples of this system.

Bullet Journal Daily time blocking

Bullet journal time blocking

Decorative Daily Logs

Decorative bullet journal daily logs are where you can get more creative with your layout. Add pictures and colour to your hearts content. There are unlimited elements you can add to your daily log this way, its only limited by your imagination.


After writing this post and from my personal experience with weekly and daily logs, I think that I will be continuing to use both of these logs as they are both very helpful for different reasons. My reasoning is that I like to be able to see appointments and events for the week on one spread but I also write a lot in the daily logs so I still need them as well. Whichever options you choose I’m sure they will work well!

I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to comment or email me at lee@sweetbujo.com. I would love to hear you comments and suggestions.

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