Easy Bullet Journal Doodle Ideas

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Bullet journaling is my secret weapon to staying organised. If you don’t know what a Bullet journal is read this post ‘Why you NEED a bullet journal’

I am artistically challenged but I love to doodle in my bullet journal. That’s the great thing about doodles though, they are by essence simplified representations, not photo-realistic pictures. They can add character to your bullet journal with a few simple shapes. So I don’t have to try and make my doodles look realistic and fail miserably. The aim of this post is to show you some easy bullet journal doodle ideas I’ve found around the web.

There is research from Harvard that says that doodling can help you recall details. In 2009, psychologist Jackie Andrade asked 40 people to monitor a 2-½ minute dull and rambling voice mail message. Half of the group doodled while they did this (they shaded in a shape), and the other half did not. They were not aware that their memories would be tested after the call. Surprisingly, when both groups were asked to recall details from the call, those that doodled were better at paying attention to the message and recalling the details. They recalled 29% more information!



I’m loving drawing animals at the moment, so here are some simple tutorials on how to doodle animals.

penguin doodle

cat zentangle doodle


froggie doodle

Botanical Bullet Journal Doodle Ideas

Something I always like doodling is cactus, I think because of their interesting shapes. So these next step by step instructions are of cactus and other botanical doodles. Firstly though, this video shows you some cute variations on one flower doodles.

Cactus bullet journal doodles

bullet journal roses doodle

bullet journal sunflower doodle

bujo branches doodles

flower doodle

bullet journal lavender doodle


If you use a meal planner or food log these little doodles will be of use to you. Below is a youtube video of Amanda Rachlee’s bullet journal doodle ideas. Amanda is big in the bullet journal community, she has even released her on bullet journal.

Text Enhancing Doodles

I am always on the lookout for doodles to enhance text in my bullet journal. I love typography so anything to enhance it I have to try.

bujo dividers

bujo banners

bullet journal post its

bujo doodles

bullet journal arrows

Miscellaneous Fun Bullet Journal Doodles

Finally, these are some cute objects that will be useful in your bullet journal.

bullet journal alarm doodle

bujo shell doodles

bujo book doodles

fireworks doodle

planet doodles

movie reel doodles

light bulb doodle

summer doodles

I hope you have found some new doodles for your bullet journal. If you’re anything like me you just spent hours doodling from these instructions. My doodles are below 🙂 .

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