Setting up your new bullet journal

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Bullet journaling is my secret weapon to staying organised. If you don’t know what a Bullet journal is read this post ‘Why you NEED a bullet journal’

It can seem daunting and hard to figure out where to start when you are setting up a new bullet journal. In this post I will guide you on what to do when it comes to bullet journal setup. I recommend that you look at Pinterest for everyone of the pages I mention to get ideas of how to lay them out the way you like.

Every bullet journal setup needs a number of pages. These are:

  • The index/contents page
  • The key
  • Future log
  • Monthly cover page (optional)
  • Monthly spread
  • Weekly spread (optional)
  • Daily spread (optional)
  • Collections (optional)

The Index.

This is usually the first page and is where you write down what is on every page of your notebook, so save a few pages. This page will become very important to you once your journal starts to fill up.

Bullet journal index
Bullet Journal Index

The Key.

This is your guide to what items written in your journal mean. For instance you will have a signifier that means appointment and another for tasks. Make your key up so it means something to you.

Bullet journal key

Future Log.

Your future log is for forward planning months that you haven’t set up in your bullet journal yet. Things such as birthdays and easter go in here. You will refer to this when you’re creating your monthly spread.

kikki.K Signature Edition

Monthly Cover Page

This page is purely for you to decorate as you like. Some people put a little calendar for the month on this page but I don’t feel the need. You don’t have to have a cover page at all it’s just for beautifying your bullet journal.

september cover page
Monthly Cover Page

Monthly Spread

Design this any way you like. I list the dates down the left side of the page and then add any events from the future log into it for the current month.

Traditional bullet journal monthly log

Other’s create a calendar page like the image below. It’s all up to your personal preference.

Monthly log

Weekly Spread

The weekly spread is useful to be able to flick to and see how your week is looking. I create this on a friday before the next week and add any events in from the monthly spread. I don’t go into any detail on this page as I do this on the daily page after this spread.

Weekly Log

Bullet journal weekly log

Daily Log

This can be a page per day or smaller/bigger depending on your schedule. I use a half page to a day in an A5 size journal but its entirely up to you how fancy you get with this page. The daily log is where you will find the most use for your bullet journal key to identify entries at a glance. As you can see I set my daily logs out once a week and add my trackers in to remind me to track.

Daily bullet journal log
Another style of daily log bye @feebujo (IG)


Essentially these are thematic lists that aren’t date related. I have a collection for each person in my family that lists present ideas. Another example is a list of books you want to read or have read. The ideas for collections is endless.

House cleaning collection

Bullet journal playlist

There are many styles for each one of these spreads, its just up to your imagination really. Use them to help you stay organised, get on track, or even just to improve your daily life.
Do you have bullet journal spreads you would like to share? Email them to and you may be featured on the blog.

You might also be interested in how to migrate to a new bullet journal once yours is full. “How to migrate to a new bullet journal“.

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